Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Who will I miss most?

Who will I miss most on this trip? My baby Haley - when she nudges at my hand while I'm still sleeping to give her a morning scratch, when she turns around to show me her butt to scratch, when she barks uncontrollably when she needs to pee...I'm going to miss all of that. My little (50lb) baby :(

Monday, 25 July 2011

Soul Searching 2011

Soul Searching 2011
(t-minus 16 days)

The Conversation:

"ty" = me || "Person" = everyone I've talked to in the last 8 months
Person: "so what are your plans for the summer?"
ty: "I'm going travelling!"
Person: "oh, where are you going?"
ty: "turkey, greece, thailand, cambodia, malaysia and hong kong"
Person: "wow that's a lot of places! how long are you going for?!"
ty: "2 months!"
Person: "oh wow, who are you going with?"
ty: "myself"
Person: confused look "wow...you're brave"

I've been through that conversation so many times, I feel like its a well rehearsed play.

The low down on travel:
If there was one thing in the world that I couldn't live without, it would be travel. What gets me through every grueling work day is the fact that I know in X number of days, I will be on a plane flying somewhere to see something glorious, to taste something delicious and to experience something...different.  I have so far visited 17 countries and a countless number of foreign cities around the world, some more than once. so many cultures, lifestyles, delicacies, and bits of heaven in every city - all of which are unforgettable experiences. Travelling has always been, is and always will be, my life.

The Reason:
Just under a year ago, I started thinking to myself, why am I working so hard? I went through five years of university, countless (6) busy seasons and a billion hours of work - what was it all for? Money of course. No one is an accountant because they enjoy the long hours. But, what's this money for? A lot of my friends started buying cars, condos, fancy gadgets - but did I really want all of that? Nah, I want to travel.

The Plan:
I originally wanted to do 6 months, but two things stopped me from doing so:
1) 6 months required a longer leave of absence
2) a leave of absence means I wasn't getting paid
So instead, my trip is exactly 70 days:


Distance: 39,274km

Tours: Intrepid Tours:

Best of Turkey

Greek Islands

Sabah Adventure

Diving @ Sipadan, Treking in Chiang Mai, Visiting Angkor Wat
and finally, visiting fam in Hong Kong

The Cost:
Everyone know's I've always been a big spender but the jist of it is, by the end of this trip, I should have about $200 to my name. Who knows when I'll have another opportunity to travel for 2 months again? Per my boss: "never". Might as well live it up now :)

The Goal:
I don't really know what to expect from this trip coming up, but I want to come back enlightened in some way - a purpose, a vision, a path. As I have dubbed this 70 day trip my "Soul Searching Trip 2011" - I hope to discover something about myself or what my next step in life should be...annnnnd if not, at least I'll come back with an awesome tan!

The Purpose:
Travelling means so much to me, and I really wish that everyone in the world could be as passionate about it as me. The official purpose of this blog is so that I can share the world through my eyes, but in reality, this is so that people can see whether I'm still alive on my trip. If I stop posting for more than 2 weeks, send a search party please.

So, whether you decide to check this blog because you find it entertaining, or because you like my amazing photos, orrrrrr you just want to check if I'm alive, I hope you enjoy it!!!

PS: Please, please, please leave comments! So I know I'm still loved :S
T-minus 16 days!