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DIVING in SIPADAN Part2 - Paradise

Day # 57 - The Ultimate Diving Experience pt2
(Oct 9)

My third day diving was spent two dives at Kapalai Island and one dive back at Mabul. The thing about Kapalai though, is that its not actually and island, its a big sand dune/reef that people have built resorts on.

Pretty, but unfortunate because they ruin the coral.

The dive at Kapalai was really cool. This site was called House Reef. Nearby, they sunk several wooden boxes and crates to create an artificial reef seven years ago. On this reef, there were tons of lionfish. Beautiful, but aparently very poisonous.

The little blue guy here is called a Nudibranch, known for their odd shapes and bright colours (doesnt look that bright here but beleive me they are)

Another clown trigger fish, my fav!

This next one was a real only ray that i saw this whole trip!

This little dude here freaked me out. I have no idea why it came out of its hole. Although small, still freaky looking.

Funky looking star fish on the sandy floor...

Actually there were tons of star fish around...

Really awesome looking coral

Especially this brain looking one

Too awesome

The white thing on the right is a fish! Man i wish i wrote down the name of it though :S

My dive group for the day, such aweeeesome people. I had so much fun just hanging out. Especially Krister there with he orange shirt, hiliarrrrriooooouuuussss guy. Lol.

Patty here (aka bernard) was having some ear problems (as were many others actually) and had to try out some ear drops to clear some clogging. Hilarious cuz he had to stay in this position for five mins at the bar. Lol

After diving, the rest of my day was spent wandering the gorgeous island of Mabul

When you are not diving, you can relax on the white sand beach...

This island was a gorgeous paradise for us divers, but its also home ot many locals who have been living here long before the dive shops starting moving in.

Its kind of weird how this island is set up- resort, then a tiny village, resort, tiny village, resort...etc.

There were also tons of little kids running around. Most of them naked though. I only took pics of the clothed

They were super adorable - and i guess they cant really afford they get really excited when you show them the photo you've just taken.

This was my last night at this island and i was super sad to be leaving. But before i leave, i go on a mini adventure in the dark!

I wasnt able to go on the first night because of being sick, and not on the second day because of beinge exhausted, so on the third night, i go on a night dive! Thats an octopus btw.

The night dive was insane. It was me, Anil and the dive master Chris. During a night dive, you look for things that you dont normally get to see during the day, or are too hidden to see.

I dont have a photo, but we saw a tiny little octopus that was only an inch and a half tall. Sooooo adorable!

I forgot to mention how scary it is. Its completely pitch black in the water, except light from our torches. There were three of us, and therefore three dim lights.

We saw alot of crabs

And this insanel MASSSSSIVEEEEEE turtle. You cant tell, but this turtle was 1.5 to 2 metres long. It was huuuuuge. And it was just there, sleeping

Another octopus.

We also did this thing where we "sit" together (more like floating in the middle of the water about ten metres down) and cover our lights so its completely pitch black. We then wave our hands around in the water and see these little things glowing in the water. Beautiful luminiscence (cant spell)....obviously i have no pic of that, but it was amazing.

The night dive was an amazing waynto spend my last night on the island. I was alot less scared than i thought i would be. Perhaps because i was with two much more skilled divers than i....but either way, amazzzing
Next up? Last day of diving, but almost the best day

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  1. Yeah, the night dive was really nice!
    I enjoyed the time with you in Mabul!