Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Ultimate non-climb

Day # 46 - I hate you typhoon!!!
(Sept 28)

Unfortunately due to the high winds coming from the stupid typhoon, they locked the gates for the climb to the summit. It was just a couple more km to go :( Our tour guide, Scott was great...usually, you are supposed to get ready for 2am and check if you can go...but instead, scott offered to wake us up if we were going, and leave ua sleeping if not. We ended up getting up at climb for us :(

The sky and view was gorgeous tho. I would imagine that had we gone up, the view would have been spectacular.

Me and a few people still climbed up to the next marker and gate tho, to show that it was not by choice that we coulnt climb up the mountain...

After some pouting, we started to make our way back down the mountain.

Five minutes into the climb, i was careless, slipped and fell. I sliced off a delicious piece of my finger on a rock. It was grossssssss. Obviously i coudlnt leave it with nasty rocks and dirty stuff on it, so i had to rinse it off with water....i whailed like a babbbby

Saw more pitcher plants...our mountain guide so-ping-yi showed us the nice goooey stuff inside. Yum

The climb down was much warmer than the day before, so i was actually able to slow down and take some photos of the amazing flora here

And here i am! Made it up and down the mountain. Fun times

These are the world records for this mountain climb. The fastest man ever was an italian guy who managed to do it in two hours and thirty three minutes. Wtf? Honestly...if you climb it, you'd realize how impossible that sounds.

Mr. Ping yee and his two sons, all mountain guides. Mr. So ping yee has been climbing this mountain for thirty three years and probbly knows every stone there is on this mountain. Fifty something years old, but as strong and as agile as anyone could be. Thanks mr. So ping yee for keeping me company all the way down the mountain :)

Scott and robbie there have a fondness of touching each other...particularly, the pinching of the nipples. Odd relationship they have

Intrepid kindly rewarded our two day climb and descent with two nights near Poring Hot Springs.

After getting a nice hot shower (you should know that it was zero degrees up on the mountain and all they had was ice cold showers....everyone stunk), we all headed to check out the rafflesia flower in bloom.

I guess this photo doesnt really do it justice since you cant see how big it actually is...each flower is about 85cm across! Its the largest flower in the world and I got to see it:) i wanted to take a pic to show the relative size, but we werent allowed to get closer, they were fenced off:(

There were other flowers around too, prettty

And exotic.
After that? Everyone wass just exhausted. We sat around the table of our hostel and just chatted the night away. We had a nice chinese style dinner and headed off to bed early. Up next...MORE idea how that happened.

Location:Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

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