Sunday, 2 October 2011

Who knew i had family in malaysia?

Day #40, 41, 42 and 43
(Sept 22-25)

I think my two weeks spent with Coleman was the fastest two weeks of my trip! Our last day together was pretty much spent like our weekends at home, waking up late and bumming around.

The breakfast at this hotel was the most amazing ever. It was so nice to get a taste of home - yogurt with muesli and fruits!


Coleman had the soup noodles, the more traditional asian brekie..

After a glorious breakfast, we bummed around the glorious hotel room and pool for a while. It was surprisngly too chilly to go for a swim so we just waded our feet in the massive pool.

The rest of the day was spent eating, surfing the internet and sitting around at the cafe at hotel de la paix.

After so many days of asian food, coleman craved a burger so we got these massive burgers with what seemed like every topping under the sun.

And so came the end of me and colemans trip together :( it was heart breaking to say goodbye again for another month!

The next morning, we parted ways: coleman took his bus to bangkok and i headed to the tiny airport for malaysia.

Ive noticed on this trip more than any of mynother ones that ive boarded planes from the outside.

The plane ride was pretty uneventful. Anyone who ever flies air asia, keep in mind its not as cheap as you think. They add sooooo many little fees you have to pay, including prinitng your boarding pass and being able to pivk your seat. Since i was too cheap to pay the $2 it costs to pick a seat, i was stuck at the back of the plane. Lucky for me, they have an exit qt the back of the plane, making me get off quite quickly :)

I recenty found out from my aunt's husband that he is from kota kinabalu, malaysia, which was where i was headed. After heeps of effort, i got a hold of my second cousin meiyee, and she picked me up from the airport. I was fortunately upgraded to a seaview deluxe room at le meridien in kk.

We arrived to the hotel just in time to see the beautiful sunset over the habour.

They ended up taking me to a famous local seafood restaurant for some delicious local specialties.

Fresh lime juice:

Local sabah vveges:

Fresh prawns:

Fish maw soup:

Fish tofu:

Fresh fish:

Yummy crab:

After a very satisfying meal, we drove another fifteen mins for a local dessert place. We went to stall number six for their delicous blended fruit beverage...

Can you guess what fruit it is? Delicious avacadoooooo. Mmmm..high calorie fruittttt....

The next day, my eating journey continued with fish noodles for breakfast with meiyee (my second cousin) and her frineds.

Then we drove about half an hour to look for these coconuts...

We had both coconut jello/pudding and cold coconut juice...

It was absolutely delicious...if we hadnt had just eaten breakfast, probably would have eaten a whole one by myself.

These are my cousins btw...meiyee and meizi.

After a delicious little snack, my cousins then took me to a nearby beach. Since meiyee Operates a tour company, she knows the ins and outs of where to go. This particular beach is the private beach of a hotel...

Geez im so much darker
Next stop? More food...afternoon tea time with dumplings,

Satay chicken...

And some sort of mystery dish with pineapple, crunchy stuff and squid


I think its funny they have to post these signs up in my "hotel" but i am thankful for them...durians smellllllll.
The following morning, my eating continued with the famous kota kinabalu sunday market

Started off with some delicious tea tarik and then ate some fried noodles, chinese style

The market was pretty similar to all other markets in asia...little trinkets, random clothes., etc

The biggest sucess story of this day was me getting a sim that i can continue to communicate (somewhat) while being out in the middle of no where in the borneo jungle.

And so comes the end of my time in the city with family. My adventure of borneo is about to begin!

Location:Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

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